About the E-book
International Assignment & Foreigner Employment

Suppose your company has decided to establish an overseas branch
next year. What is your first step? Would you find a how-to book,
scour the internet, or ask someone in the same industry? 

While these may all be effective steps to take, there is no 
guarantee that the information will apply to your organization.

Personnel movements across borders present unique issues. From the 
loss of employee motivation to, in the worst case, deportation. 
That’s why it is vital to understand a wide range of topics such 
as tax, personnel management, and visa status.

This booklet aims to assist you in this important process.


●Tax (6 pages)
●Labour Management (5 pages)
●Visa (11 pages)
●【Reference A】Schedules
●【Reference B】Case studies

Title International Assignment & Foreigner Employment (E-book)
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